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The company


PRIMIS is a financing company that specializes in financing small and medium-sized enterprises. PRIMIS means “first” and refers to the innovation that the company pursues to offer new and progressive financing solutions in the corporate financing market.

A revolution is taking place when it comes to corporate financing. With the technological development of recent years, opportunities are emerging to increase efficiency and simplify the financing process for companies. The data uploaded year after year on the operation of companies and developments in computing power will enable finance companies to use the data to serve their customers with increased automation and speed as a guideline. This means that risk assessment and decision-making will be a fully automated process in the future. The introduction of digital solutions in companies and institutions, the modernization of regulations, and the standardization of digital communications will lead to collateral taking, transfers of funds, and bookkeeping in connection with financing will be achieved without manual intervention. PRIMIS intends to become a leader in reaching out to small and medium-sized companies when it comes to their ffinancing, as research has shown that their financing needs are far greater than is being met by traditional lenders.

PRIMIS is owned by Sigurður Freyr Magnússon, CEO of PRIMIS, and investors.