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We finance companies

Invoice financing – Purchase order financing – Bridge financing

Invoice financing

Powerful tool to improve cash flow.

Purchase order financing

Suitable when suppliers offer cash transactions only.

Bridge financing

Useful when short term financing gap of up to 12 months needs bridging.


PRIMIS is a financing company specialising in financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. PRIMIS bases its loan operations on financial technology solutions that the company develops in parallel with its operations. The goal for PRIMIS is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with access to capital more efficiently and in a more simple way than has generally been the case with traditional lenders and for the financing process to be entirely digital.

The financing process


We are guided by simplicity.


We place great emphasis on fast decision-making


We meet companies' need for flexibility.


We want the financing process to be a digital experience.

Simple and efficient financing process

We help your company achieve it´s goals