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Invoice financing

Powerful tool to improve cash flow.

Invoice financing is a powerful tool to improve cash flow in companies. A company in a position to convert the company’s outstanding claims without notice into cash is in a much better position to meet its obligations when due, cover unexpected expenses, finance growth and take advantage of temporary discount terms offered by suppliers to name a few examples. Contact us and we will connect your company to the PRIMIS financing system.

Purchase order financing

Suitable when suppliers offer cash transactions only.

Purchase order financing is suitable for companies that purchase products from domestic or foreign suppliers that are intended for resale. In most cases, considerable amount of time passes from requirement to pay for the purchase of goods from suppliers, until the product arrives in the hands of the final buyer and is paid for by the buyer. PRIMIS finances a company’s purchases when there is an agreement in place with the final buyer’s purchase of the product. Contact us and let PRIMIS evaluate whether purchase order financing is suitable for your company.

Bridge financing

Useful when short term financing gap of up to 12 months needs bridging.

Bridge financing is suitable when funds are needed for up to 12 months in connection with projects that have a relatively short execution time. E.g. these include additional financing for the purchase of real estate while securing long-term financing, construction projects where funds are lacking to complete work before delivery, additional financing for acquisitions that are to be refinanced or paid within 12 months etc. Contact us if your company needs bridge financing and let PRIMIS evaluate how we can be of assistance.

Special financing

All companies are special and some are more special than others.

Special financing is, as the name implies, financing that is incidental or special in that it is tailored to the companys‘ needs. In many cases, traditional financing with common arrangements for collateral taking, principal and interest payments etc. is not suitable. Still, it is often possible to find ways fund projects by tailoring the financing. Contact us and we will work with your special company to find a suitable financing solution.